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Discover our expert Accounting and Tax Consulting Services. Here at Rinver, we have meticulously crafted our service offerings to suit your unique business requirements.

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Guided by unwavering integrity offering fair and transparent prices to ensure utmost satisfaction.


For over a decade, we have been the trusted partner for investors and businesses of all sizes.


With our expertise, our clients secure financing and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

Our Services

We Cover an Array of Individual & Corporates Accounting Services

Individual & Corporate Taxes

Maximize Returns, Minimize Liabilities: Our expert tax consultants ensure comprehensive tax strategies, compliance, and optimizations for individuals and corporations, delivering financial peace of mind.

Real Estate Bookkeeping

Streamlined Real Estate Finances: Our specialized bookkeeping services for real estate businesses maintain meticulous records, streamline operations, and enhance profitability, fostering financial growth and stability.

Audit Defense & Services

Protecting Your Interests: With precision and expertise, we defend against audits and provide audit-related services, ensuring your financial integrity and safeguarding your investments and business assets.

About Us

Meet Our Expert Team

We are a dedicated team of accounting and tax specialists, driven by a shared vision: empowering your financial well-being. We start from the principle that every client we help save more on taxes or organize their accounting books to obtain financing for a project, is a home that will be more prosperous and happy in the future.

“As a real estate investor, I rely on accurate bookkeeping, and this firm has been a game-changer. Their real estate bookkeeping services have made managing my properties a breeze. Highly recommend!”

Guillermo de Pool

“The Rinver team, especially Andrea, were exceptional in helping my online consulting business save money on taxes while making everything easy to understand.. They are super knowledgeable.”

Juliana Barros

“When I filed my taxes this year, the CRA audited me and surprisingly gave me a huge bill to pay along with a fine. I contacted Rinver and not only did they reduce my tax bill by almost 40%, but they also demonstrated to the CRA that there were insufficient reasons for said fine and it was removed.”

Tamas Banyai


Tax Season Special: Your 1st Tax Filing With Us is FREE!

“Take advantage of our limited-time offer! When you choose our accounting firm, your first tax filing is FREE. It’s our way of welcoming you to hassle-free finances and letting you experience our exceptional service. We’re confident that once you see what we can do, you’ll know we’re the right choice for your financial needs.”

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